9 Best Hotel Pools in Los Angeles ...

Here are the 9 best hotel pools in Los Angeles to get you prepared for your next vacation. Spending the day having fun in the sun is imperative, especially when you’re on vacation. Hotel pools with a great vibe are hard to find, especially in a city with as many hotels as Los Angeles. If what you're looking for is a relaxing place to sip champagne while enjoying a beautiful view of L.A., you're in luck. Write these down for the 9 best hotel pools in Los Angeles.

1. Montage

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The Montage is one of the 9 best hotel pools in Los Angeles. It’s typically only open to hotel guests, unless you have a Spa Treatment. The food is delicious, the waiters are nice, and it’s not pretentious at all. I treated myself to a 90 minute massage so I could spend the day at the pool, and boy was I a happy camper! Next time you’re in L.A., head to Spa Montage and then soak up some sun by the pool.

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