10 Best Holiday Destinations in France ...

Francophiles and travelers will always debate enthusiastically about the best holiday destinations in France. Some will argue for the Cote d’Azur (French Riviera), whilst others will cite the lush green Loire Valley. There will be concrete cases to present Brittany as having some of the best holiday destinations in France and there will be strong arguments for the Alps in both summer and winter. With fabulous cities, gorgeous countryside and beautiful coastlines to choose from here’s my pick of the 10 best holiday destinations in France:

1. Paris

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I’m going to be really obvious and choose Paris as the first pick. If you are only going to go visit France once in a lifetime, you can do nothing but choose Paris. The fabulous City of Light is exceptional. It is packed with iconic landmarks and attractions. Monuments, squares, buildings, museums, galleries and gardens are plenty enough to fill your days. Add in the superlative restaurants and the fabulous shopping and you really do have the ultimate, not just the best holiday destination in France.

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