7 Best German Christmas Markets for 2013 ...

Although there are Christmas markets held all over Europe, there’s just a certain something about German Christmas markets that make them stand out above the rest. It’s not that the locations are any more beautiful or that the markets are bigger or more spectacular. It’s just they seem more traditional and more atmospheric somehow. Here are the best German Christmas markets if you’re planning a trip.

1. Schlachte Magic Christmas Market (held in Bremen)

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Bremen is easily one of the most beautiful cities in northern Germany, and is well known for its stunning town hall and bronze statue of the fairy-tale characters “die Bremer stadtmusikanten”. One of the absolute must-sees in Bremen in November/December however, is the Schlachte Magic Christmas Market, which is held in concert with the city’s main Christmas market. The market is definitely one of the most breathtaking Christmas markets in Germany, as it takes place on the banks of the Weser River, and boasts a plethora of small wooden medieval-like stands, which house everything from craftsmen to bartenders serving steaming hot glühwein and tender pork hocks.

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