7 Best Food Fight Festivals around the World ...

If there’s ever a time when it’s acceptable to play with your food, it’s at any of the world’s great food fight festivals. If you like to get messy, really messy, to get really down and dirty, well tbh, totally filthy, and all in the name of golly good fun, there’s plenty of opportunity at any of these food fight festivals.

1. Battaglia Delle Arance, Ivrea, Italy

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The Battle of the Oranges, held every year during the carnival in February, is one of the best food fight festivals in the world. The festival commemorates the uprising against the tyranny of Raineri di Biandrate. Two parties take part in this epic three-day food fight – one representing the Emperor and the other, the people. Participants hurl over 250kg of fruit at one another during the battle, and it usually takes snow-removal equipment to clear the way after the festival. It's great fun though for locals and tourists alike, but if you're there, don't forget to feast on fagiolate; a specialty dish with cured pork and beans, which is free during the carnival.

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