7 Best Family Vacation Destinations for 2014 ...

If you’re looking for somewhere special the whole brood can enjoy, there are some fabulous family vacation destinations for 2014 being recommended by travel industry experts. Family vacations are all about making sure there is plenty for all ages to see and do and if you go on hols as a multi-generational unit, the destination can be problematic. Here are some family vacation destinations for 2014 that fit the bill on all fronts.

1. Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo is one of the best destinations for family vacations in 2014! This amazing city has something for everyone, and seems to exist in different times all at once. From ancient refinement and historically significant sights to cutting edge pop culture and electronic diversions, theme parks and endless shopping, there is no lack of things to see or do. Additionally, the cleanliness, safety, and convenience of this capital make it ideal for families of all ages.

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