7 Best Eco-tourism Destinations for 2013 ...

Every year, the responsible travel sector grows, with more countries embracing the ethics of it, and some of the best eco-tourism destinations for 2013 are relative newcomers to this particular travel stage. The main tenets of responsible travel are reducing the impact on the environment and land, education on conservation, protection of natural areas, sustainable growth in eco-friendly tourist infrastructure and giving back to local people. Here are some of the best eco-tourism destinations for 2013.

1. Cambodia

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Cambodia is experiencing a massive boom in tourism recently. With the stable political situation and the excellent travel prices as well as brilliant exposure from celebs like Angelina Jolie, Cambodia is being touted as one of the premier eco-tourism destinations for 2013. Eco-friendly accommodation, canoe tours and bicycle adventures among unspoiled and glorious landscapes make exploring this destination a truly unique and breathtaking journey.

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