13 Best Carry on Suitcases ...

Anytime youโ€™re traveling, you need luggage so knowing the best carry on suitcases is invaluable. The right one allows you to keep important items with you on an airplane and saves you the trouble of having to check your baggage if you can get everything into your carry on. Check out the following best carry on suitcases and youโ€™ll be set to fly in no time.

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 20โ€Carry on Hardside Spinner

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One of the best carry on suitcases is this hard shell version from Samsonite. Not only is it large enough to hold everything you need, but it comes in several fun colors to match your wardrobe or to go with your other luggage.

Price: $90 at ebags.com

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