7 Best Budget Ski Destinations in Europe ...

When you think of ski-ing in Europe, undoubtedly it is the classic Alpine countries that come to mind. But ski-ing is an expensive hobby and there are many more budget-friendlier options outside of Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland. And don’t worry, they may not have the pedigree of the Alpine regions but the best budget ski destinations in Europe are a great choice. Indeed, there are some real gems.

1. Popova SHAPKA – Macedonia

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Nestling in the rounded peaks of the Dinaric Mountains, Popova Shapka is a pretty and peaceful retreat in the snow, a Sleeping Beauty among Eastern Europe's ski resorts. Perhaps the lifts are a little old-fashioned, but the slopes are as smooth, not crowded and unmarked as a ski buff could wish for. Here you can hop onto a converted snow groomer and be taken into the unspoiled Macedonian hinterland where you can free ride until the cows come home. This is one of the most picturesque budget ski destinations in Europe.

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