7 Best Blooming Flower Markets around the World ...

The world’s best flower markets offer as a much a sensory experience as food markets, souks, spice markets and flea markets. Who doesn’t love flowers? Flower markets are a riot of kaleidoscopic colors and heavenly aromas and for travelers, fabulous photo opportunities. So when you’re traveling, which flower markets should be on your must-visit list?

1. Campo Dei Fiori, Rome, Italy

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Campo dei Fiori is one of Rome's oldest flower markets and it holds a special place in locals' hearts. Centuries ago, public executions used to be held here, including the one of philosopher Giordano Bruno, who was burnt alive for heresy here, in the 1600s. Now, however, the market is lively and - may I add - very romantic, selling astonishing flowers, fresh vegetables, spices and great fish, as well as souvenirs for tourists. The flower stalls usually close last, late at night, though it is recommended to visit them early in the morning if you want to buy the freshest blooms.

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