7 Best Bars at Airports: Cheers!

When I first started traveling, airports were soul-less places that you really couldn’t wait to leave. Today they can be seriously fun places with plenty to see and do (other than duty-free shopping) while you’re waiting for boarding or experiencing a flight delay. Museums and art galleries and gardens have been added, food courts have been upgraded and airport bars are now welcoming places. I would go as far to say some airport bars are worth a visit even if you’re not flying. Here they are:

1. Airbrau Brewery, Munich

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Located in Munich Airport, Airbrau is famous for being the world’s very first airport based brewery, manufacturing its own brand of beer from right inside the busy terminals! On offer are a plethora of pilsners, wheat beers and lagers, and depending on what time of the day you are visiting there might be a local band or two to accompany your pint and schnitzel.

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