7 Best and Interestingly Amusing Free Travel Apps ...


Apps, apps, more apps and then even more apps. There are apps for just about everything except performing bodily functions although, I do sometimes wonder if in some people their smartphone has replaced their brain! If you are someone that travels a lot for business or for recreation, or just globe-trotting in general, you will most certainly be lost without some sort of information portal to help you along the way. Personally, as someone who has a cellphone that is 7 years old, Iโ€™d be happy with a paper map but, for those that live in the modern world, the modern Smartphone is the closest you can get to having the ultimate in travel gadgetry, and with Smartphones, comes Travel Apps. There are some pretty cool free Travel Apps available;:

Here is a quick look at 7 Best and Interestingly Amusing Free Travel Apps.

1. FoodSpotting

So you have arrived at your destination and you are hungry but donโ€™t have a clue where to start. No problem. This travel app allows you to locate and review any particular dish or restaurant in the area. Food spotting will be able to find you Chinese food in Italy or Italian food in Bali, or whatever you feel like eating! You can view the photos taken by other patrons, read their review, find the location and the time it will take to travel there, all from the comfort of your cab.

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