7 Beautifully Romantic Train Journeys ...

Commuting by train daily can really put you off rail travel, but there are some romantic train journeys that will spark a love of riding the rails. Romantic rail journeys will take you through gloriously scenic places you’re sure to fall in love with and maybe kindle a little extra loving in your relationship along the way. And if you want to travel them alone – who says you can’t?

1. The West Highland Line, Scotland

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Scotland's highlands are well known for their majestic beauty, and the West Highland Line takes you through all the best bits, making it one of the most romantic train journeys you could embark on. The railway can take you from Glasgow to Fort William, crossing the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which will surely make Harry Potter fans feel like they’re on cloud nine. Other highlights you shouldn't miss out on include the ancient Dumbarton Castle and the grandiose Arrochar Alps.

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