9 Beautiful Natural Wonders of Russia ...

The borders are down, the country wants to welcome the world with open arms, so maybe now is the time to discover the amazing natural wonders of Russia on your next vacation. As one of the largest countries on Earth, there is plenty of scope for Mother Nature to play with her palette and paint an incredible landscape – which indeed is exactly what she did. Mysterious and magical, let me introduce you to some of the natural wonders of Russia.

1. Putorana Plateau

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Located near the closed city of Norilsk, the Putorana plateau is not only one of the natural wonders of Russia, it is also a UNESCO designated world heritage site. Here visitors will find some of the largest nickel deposits in the world, as well as varied ecosystems and pristine cold-water lake and river systems. In fact, the name Putorana means β€œthe country of lakes with steep banks,” and there are more than 25,000 of them. Included in this list is Lake Vivi, the geographic center of Russia.

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