8 Beautiful Natural Sights That Will Blow Your Mind ...


What do you like to look at when you’re stressed, because I’ve always found that beautiful natural sights can instantly relax and rejuvenate me. From the Northern lights to the stars at night, there’s something so breath-taking and utterly amazing that I just can’t help but admire it. Here are my top beautiful natural sights – do you agree?

1. Electrical Storms at the Catatumbo

The Catatumbo River in Venezuela is the site of stunning electrical storms most nights. They are so intense that the archs flash three miles into the sky, and you can view the storm from over 250 miles away. The storm lasts for up to ten hours at a time, and has around 1.1 million electrical discharges each year. It’s thought to be the biggest creator of ozone in the planet. Nothing will make you feel calmer; it's one of the most beautiful natural sights!

The Red Tide
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