Be a Star 🌟 when You Stay in One ☝️ of These Hotels 🏒 from the Movies πŸŽ₯ ...

There are some fabulous hotels in the movies. It is probably reasonable to assume that one thing we all have in common, is that we have all, at one time or another, dreamt of being a rich and famous movie star, or even better, one of the amazing characters that they get to play! There’s nothing wrong with a bit of escapism now and then, but what if you could actually bring some of that daydreaming into the real world? You can feel like a star for a few nights in one of these hotels from the movies you can stay in!

1. Beverly Wilshire Hotel – LA, USA

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There are plenty of hotels to pick from in Los Angeles, but they don’t get much more iconic in film terms than the very place that was used to film Julia Roberts’ legendary scenes in Pretty Woman!

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