8 Awesome Eco-Friendly Vacations ...

Eco-friendly vacations are becoming more popular. Did you know that just between 2003 and 2007 alone, the number of voluntourism projects increased seven-fold? Voluntourism (volunteering whilst traveling) can take you all over the globe and an eco-friendly vacation can have you involved in anything from saving seals to digging wells. If you want to do something worthwhile that has a real sense of accomplishment as well as having an experience of a life time in an exceptional location, voluntourism is the new black of the holiday world. Here are 8 Awesome Eco-Friendly Vacations:

1. Maya Pedal, Guatemala

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We all know how expensive electricity is and how important it is to conserve resources that produce our energy. Maya Pedal is an organization in Guatemala that is harnessing pedal power to run domestic, light industrial and agricultural machinery. Using donated old bicycles (mainly from the US), machines such as water pumps, blenders and threshers are being operated by pedal power. This eco-friendly vacation takes you to San Andres Itzapa, a short distance from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Antigua – easy to visit whilst you’re there. Check out Maya Pedal at mayapedal.org

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