7 Authentic Ways to Eat like a Local in a Foreign Country ...


Food is such an important factor of travel because when you eat like a local, you are getting to grips with one of the most important cultural aspects of a location – city, region or country. When you eat like a local you can generally find a much wider range of dishes and more authentic recipes than hotels and restaurants that cater to tourists, where attempts are made to make dishes more palatable to foreign tastes. When you eat like a local, you are enriching your travel experience.

1. Do Your Research

If you’re anything like me, before I take a trip, I like to learn something about my destination. This helps me decide what my priorities are and what things I really want to see and do. As I like to make an effort to eat like a local, food is one of the things I research. There are so many ways to find info on the food of anywhere really, so you can use the Internet to learn some of the foods you want to try and some places to try them.

Question the Locals
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