7 Attractions of Bath, the UK's Regency Jewel ...

The attractions of Bath have been calling to visitors for centuries. The Romans took advantage of the thermal waters and built a major public baths, calling the settlement Aquae Sulis. Eventually, Bath became a spa town and enjoyed a majorly rich cultural period during the Regency period, when everyone who was everyone took the waters in the city during β€œthe season.” Today, many of the Roman and Regency features remain among the attractions of Bath, but it is a beautiful city full of sites and interesting things to do.

1. The Royal Crescent

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Often it will be the Royal Crescent that brings visitors to Bath. Well within walking distance of the city centre, the 18th Century houses designed by John Wood are a sight to see even though they are surrounded by a number of other buildings that are also architecturally outstanding. As one of the most well known attractions of Bath, it is possible to stay there as one house has been converted to a hotel. It can be seen in a variety of films, including the 2008 film The Duchess, although not, as many people thought, for the filming of scenes in Oliver. If you want to see more gorgeous architecture, visit The Circus.

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