7 Arty Communes around the World ...

Arty communes are the perfect escape for creative spirits. Generally set in deliciously beautiful surroundings, there is usually everything perfectly set up to find inspiration or a new lease of creative thought. When you need to find your muse or just gorgeous surroundings and likeminded folks, arty communes are the answer.

1. Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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What does an artist need to create? Beautiful surroundings – check. Plenty of gallery space – check. A community of like-artists with whom to collaborate – check. Festivals to celebrate their craft – check, check and check. Todos Santas, Baja California Sur in Mexico has everything an artist needs in spades! Lying an hour north of Cabo San Lucas and set between the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the picturesque Sierra de la Laguna mountains, landscape artists will never fall short of inspiration. It’s no surprise that artists seek out one of the best arty communes, which boasts 15 galleries in which to showcase their work. The founder of the art colony owns Charles Stewart Gallery, and GalerΓ­a de Todos Santos is one of the most popular. If you’re shopping for fine art, you can find both local artwork and craftsmanship, as well as works by expatriates. Visit in February, when Todos Santos throws an enthusiastic cultural art festival.

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