Are You a Beachcomber? Best US Beaches to Find Shells ...

Do you love beachcombing? Maybe you were inspired by all these lovely shell crafts and now you need to find some shells? So where do you go?

1. Best US Place for Shelling: Sanibel Island, Florida

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According to expert shell hunters, Sanibel Island, which lies just off Fort Myers in the southwest of Florida, is the nation's best spot for shelling and among the very best shelling beaches in the world. The beach is simply littered with seashells and, as the wind caresses and the surf scatters them, the shells turn into wind chimes, emitting eerie tinkling sounds. You'll see abundant wildlife as Sanibel has thankfully not been over-developed. Try some of the local restaurants, they are excellent and reason enough to come all year-round. On a rainy day, head to the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum. In March shell hunters can enjoy the annual Sanibel Shell Fair and Show.

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