7. Shell Harvests on Eluthera Island, the Bahamas

The sensible thing is to avoid hurricanes but on Eluthera Island stormy weather deposits veritable hills of shells on the beaches, so beachcombers practically pray for storms. Ok so not a US beach but situated just an hour by air from Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Eluthera Island is a popular place to come for snorkelling. Accommodation on the island is basic and without frills, although there are some fine New England style houses. No shops to speak of, but local restaurants serve excellent seafood, so who cares! As part of an archipelago, Eluthera Island floats in shallow waters that appear baby blue instead of the usual deep dark blue of the Exuma Sound, which stretches thousands of feet deep. A gentle current below the surface creates an otherworldly wave pattern in the sands. Known as the pineapple capital of the world, the island has been farming pineapples since the mid-18th century. An annual Pineapple Festival held in Gregory Town in June honours this tradition.

Got your pail handy? You’ll need something to carry all those lovely shells in!