7 Ancient Sites in the Middle East That Will Mesmerize You ...

Taking the chance to learn about ancient sites in the Middle East can be a mesmerizing and eye-opening experience. There seems to be a sense of history embedded into each treasure. Various accounts from neighbors and friends have caused me to believe that the Middle East contains hidden gems that are so exquisite and profound in nature that they should be considered the wonders of the world. Visiting these ancient sites in the Middle East will certainly aid in opening up your eyes and hearts to diverse cultures.

1. Old Jerusalem – Dome of the Rock

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As one of the most religious ancient sites in the Middle East, I feel that Old Jerusalem should be placed on this list. One of the most important structures located within this site is the Dome of the Rock, a shrine that holds meaning to the religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. It is important to note that you don't have to be religious in order to appreciate the beauty of its overall structure.

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