7 Amtrak Day Trips That Are as a Good as a Vacation ...

Not being able to afford a vacation or find time for one is a real downer, but there are Amtrak day trips along various routes that are worthy of your attention. You might think a day trip is not worth the effort, but trust me, I would take any of these and I’m certain you wouldn’t be disappointed. Train travel is comfortable and if you just want to sit back and relax and enjoy spectacular scenery, the huge panoramic windows give you a great view. And there are scenic Amtrak day trips you can take at all times of the year. Like these:

1. Lake Shore Limited – Massachusetts Section

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As it’s fall when writing this, it makes sense to look at some of the best fall Amtrak day trips. When you read the trips I’m sharing, please note, the day trip may actually be a section of a longer route – it's all a case of booking the ticket for the right section you want to travel. Like this one for instance, which is part of the overnight train route between Chicago and Boston or New York. The pertinent section is Albany to/from Boston, a route which offers magnificent New England scenery with the stunning colors of fall. You’ll pass through the picturesque Berkshire Mountains and quaint towns with plenty of views to keep your eyes peeled.

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