7 Amazing Things to do in Perth, Australia ...

The most isolated continental regional capital city in the world, it is also one of the most underrated cities in the world, so while planning your next trip here is a list of 7 amazing things to do in Perth. I live in Perth and every day am still shocked by the beauty of this remarkable city. On the coast of Western Australia it is the perfect mix of beach and (if youโ€™re willing to stray a little further) bush. Perth is the perfect place for your next holiday and here are some tips and hints on things to do in Perth.

1. Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island is located 18km off the Western Australian coast and should be on the top of anyoneโ€™s list of things to do in Perth. Known as Rotto by the locals, this beautiful island feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of Perthโ€™s city life. With picturesque beaches, astounding marine life and some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever experience, Rottnest Island tops the list of things to do in Perth. While youโ€™re there make sure that you hire a bike (as no cars are allowed on Rottnest) so that you can explore the island at your own pace and you may even be lucky enough to see one of the island's most famous inhabitants - the quokka!

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