7 Amazing Spas around the World to Add to Your Wish List ...

Whether you are looking to unwind and relax with a Swedish massage, or you are wanting to indulge and pamper yourself with a 'spa experience,' here are some amazing spas around the world to add to your list! These are by no means exclusive, as there are just so many amazing spas around the world to choose from. I have, however, included those spas that are resort/hotel and destination spas, instead of the high street day spas.

1. El Secreto - San Pedro, Belize

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Located 11 miles from the nearest town (and with arrivals via boat only), this is one of those amazing spas around the world that is in such a beautiful destination, it is best shared with someone else. You will be instantly transported to a magical place when you arrive here! This is a relatively new hotel that consists of 13 thatched villas showcasing contemporary and traditional Belizean elements. The spa here will help you to relax, if the scenery doesn't, as the peaceful atmosphere along with their rituals, will transport you to another place. One of their top treatments is a Spiritual Cleansing Ritual; you'll get to bathe your feet in coconut milk, exfoliate your whole body with sea salt and essential oils, and finish off with a massage, using beach shells and an algae shea butter!

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