7 Amazing Sights in Iran ...

I’m sure a vacation to enjoy the sights in Iran doesn’t immediately spring to many minds, but this once very troubled country is an amazing place. Yes, its history is rough, and it is still emerging from it, but it is no less safe to travel here than in other developing countries, and indeed more safe than some. The sights in Iran are amazing and fascinating, and don’t deserve to be ignored simply due to the country’s reputation. As long as you read up before you go, use a guide where specified, you can enjoy a wonderful vacation seeing the sights in Iran:

1. The Museums in Tehran

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Iran is a land of such exquisitely beautiful buildings and fascinating history with many museums showcasing unimaginable treasures and archaeological finds. The National Museums, Tehran are a great place to visit when in Iran, exploring the Abguineh Glass Museum and the Carpet and Reza Abbassi Calligraphy Museum is an unparalleled delight. There are wonderful museums with so much to see, one of the many memorable places to visit in Iran.

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