7 Amazing Roadside Attractions You Shouldn't Miss for the World ...

One of my absolute favorite road trip themes is amazing roadside attractions! No matter where you live, there are bound to be several near you. They are scattered throughout every state, so you might have to do a little bit of research, but this is a great theme for an extended trip, a weekend getaway or even a simple day trip! Take a look at these amazing roadside attractions and try to squeeze a few into your summer sightseeing adventures!

1. Paper House

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Location: Rockport, MA

The Paper House is one of the most amazing roadside attractions I have come across. In 1922, Elis Stenman decided to build a house, using newspaper as insulation. What began reasonably enough took off in a whole different direction and he began building the entire house, inside and outside, with newspapers, heavily coated in varnish. The furniture on the inside is a mixture of actual furniture covered in papers and glue or furniture he made out of paper as well. Don’t worry, the roof and the floor are all wood, but for a house made primarily out of newspaper, it has held up remarkably well for all of these years! You can visit it for $2 per person!

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