7 Amazing Night Time Travel Adventures ...

When we write travel articles, we do tend to focus on attractions and things to do during the daytime, but there are some night time travel adventures that mean your evenings are not restricted to great restaurants, strolls on the prom or hitting the clubs. Night time travel adventures usually mean that whatever you are going to see or wherever you are going is best after sun down and in the dark. They might involve animals that only come out at night, or things best viewed in the moonlight. Here’s a few ideas.

1. Hike at Black Rock Lodge in Cayo, Belize

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Fancy some night time travel adventures that involve a little exercise? Take a trip down to the Black Rock Lodge after dark and have a two hour guided tour around the tracks. This way you will get to see all of the animals that only come out at night. The guides are loaded with knowledge of the jungle and know right where to find the nocturnal animals. On the Black Rock Lodge tour you are likely to see howler monkeys, tapirs, leaf cutter ants, and tarantulas. You might even be lucky enough to see a Jaguar.

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