7 Amazing Honeymoon Hotels around the World ...

Have you ever wondered where the best honeymoon hotels in the world are? Designed to create that perfect newlywed atmosphere, combined with enough activities and spa treatments to keep you busy for your whole stay, these hotels are the absolute perfect places to go to have a perfect holiday with your other half. They aren’t that easy to track down, though, and we’ve all heard the horror stories from people who picked wrong. Here’s some of the most amazing honeymoon hotels around the world: pick one of these, and you can’t go wrong.

1. Six Senses Hideaway, Phang Nga, Thailand

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This is one of those honeymoon hotels that literally takes your breath away. The Six Senses Hideaway is perched on the top of a hill on the Phang Nga Bay, and has stunning views across the bays and islands. The views at dusk and dawn aren’t to be missed! The hotel itself has 56 pool villas and pool suites, all with endless infinity pools, indoor and outdoor showers and plenty to do. It’s no wonder this place is known for its subtle luxury! Spend the morning doing yoga before enjoying a freshly cooked breakfast and exploring the islands on a traditional long-boat. The evening massages in the spa are a great way to unwind, and there’s a wide variety of cocktails on offer in the stunning bar. There’s a selection of great Italian and Thai foods on offer, and living under a striking rainforest canopy doesn’t get old no matter how long you stay. Dreamy.

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