7 Amazing Caves to Visit with Your Kids before They Grow up ...

I took my kids to a cave last summer and they loved it so much that now I’m on the hunt for more caves to visit with them. There’s something about going underground that appeals to kids of all ages and you can fascinate even the hardest to please child with a trip into the earth. A word of caution – I wouldn’t recommend just entering caves. Not all of them are safe. However, if you choose one that offers tours you can be sure your kids will not get hurt or trapped while they explore beneath the ground. Check out these caves to visit, but please add to the list if you know of others.

1. Cave of the Winds, Colorado

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The Cave of the Winds is huge and is one of the most popular caves to visit! They offer several different tours at reasonable prices. The best one for kids is about an hour and is a walking tour. A guide will lead you through the main passages of the cave and point out different structures and growths inside. There are lights so your kids can see, but some parts of the tour are narrow. And even in the summer it’s cold, so don’t forget your sweatshirts. When you get done, check out the gift shop for a souvenir of your visit.

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