17 Airplane Etiquette Tips 🙊 Flight Attendants ✈️ Wish 🙏🏼 to Share with You 👆🏼 ...

i am always in awe of people who work in customer service jobs. The public can be so darned awkward and I am amazed how customer facing people put up with us. i certainly don't envy flight attendants who can be locked in a confined space with jane public for hours on end. The next time you fly, please remember the flight attendants are there to help your flight as comfortable and as pleasant as can be. Now, thanks to tips shared by real flight attendants to seventeen.com, here's how you can help them to help you:

1. Don't Get Mad at Us if Your Bag Doesn't Fit in an Overhead Bin

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There's limited space on an airplane, and if your bag doesn't fit, we will do our best to find a space for it. Getting upset with us when everyone is trying to find a space for their bag isn't going to make the process go any faster.

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