7 Airlines with the Cheapest Fares to Europe ...

If you think you can’t afford to visit all the fabulous places you read about in the AWS section, you’ll be interested in the airlines with the cheapest fares to Europe. You will still need to be careful when searching because a lot of factors play into what makes a cheap fare – make sure you research thoroughly and check out all the options because sometimes, even a few days either side of your chosen date can make a difference of hundreds of dollars. When you’re looking to go transatlantic, these airlines with the cheapest fares to Europe are a good place to start.

1. Norwegian

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The 3rd largest low-cost carrier in Europe, Norwegian is perhaps the cheapest game in town, and should be one of the first places to look when looking for airlines with cheap fares to Europe. It stops at a number of major airports, like San Francisco, Orlando and London. They offer frequent specials, such as a round trip from New York to London, nonstop, starting at $518 or one from Oakland to Stockholm, round trip, starting at $488. Inter-Europe flights are also cheap, so traveling to multiple destinations within Europe doesn’t have to be expensive.

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