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7 Advantages of Teaching Abroad ...

By Alison

What are the advantages of teaching abroad for a time? Doing a teaching stint overseas can be great for your resumé, as well as your personal development. It's also a popular way of seeing a different country and getting paid for the experience. Here are some of the advantages of teaching abroad …

1 Travel

One of the main advantages of teaching abroad is that you get to travel and experience life in a different country. English teachers are in demand all over the world, especially those who have a TEFL qualification (you can teach without it, but pay and conditions won't be as good). You can travel when your contract is up, and use the money you've saved to fund your travel.

2 Demand

English is a very popular language among foreign learners, so there is a huge demand for teachers. There is a vast range of countries where you can get a teaching job, so you're sure to find one that appeals to you. And once you've got some teaching experience, you will have even more choice and be able to get a better job.

3 Enhances Your Resumé

A time spent teaching abroad will look good on your resumé. It's also a good way of filling in gaps; if you're not sure what you want to do long-term, taking a teaching job will look much better than a gap spent doing nothing. Spending time abroad shows that you are adventurous, adaptable and like working with other people.

4 Culture

Teaching overseas also gives you the opportunity to experience different cultures. Unless you have a particular skill it's not easy to find work in a foreign country, and you may not find it easy to get a work permit. But since teaching English is in demand, and the contracts are usually short-term, you'll find it much easier to get a permit for this kind of work.

5 Meeting People

If you're the sociable kind who likes dealing with people, teaching abroad could be just right for you. Depending on where you teach, you'll probably meet people of all ages. It's a much better way of connecting with them than traveling, where it's often hard to get to know anyone on more than a superficial level.

6 Your Language Skills

Your own language skills will also be well served by a period spent teaching abroad. The best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it is spoken as a first language, so if you've always wanted to improve your language skills here's your opportunity. Just be careful not to spend all your free time socialising with other teachers - get out and interact with some locals instead!

7 Transferable Skills

Finally, even if you don't plan to make teaching your career, a period of teaching abroad will give you many transferable skills that you can use in future jobs. You'll learn to plan, organise your time, and work with others. Teaching abroad also shows that you are determined, resourceful and brave enough to venture outside your own borders!

Teaching abroad is a great way of seeing something of the world, while still getting paid. So if you have the yearning to travel but not the funds, look at teaching posts around the world. You may even discover a love for teaching! Would you love to live and work in another country?

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