Adrenaline Packed Adventures ⚡ for Thrill Seekers 💨 ...

You’ve leapt off into a void attached only to an elastic rope. You’ve zip lined through the canopy of a rainforest. You’ve rafted down a whitewater river and you’ve even been potholing. You’ve maybe even dived with sharks. So what is the next thrilling activity that will get your heart pumping? Whether on vacation or a special trip, these thrilling adventures will get your adrenaline pumping.

1. Go Back to the Future with Fly Boarding

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Super popular in Australia, the USA and Dubai, fly boarding involves strapping yourself in to something of a skateboard/jet ski hybrid machine that shoots strong jets of water from under your feet propelling you into the air and across water. More like something out of a James Bond movie, this is awesome for any Back to The Future fan that is tired of sitting around and waiting for the hover board that they were promised!

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