A Tourist's 🗺 Guide 📘 to Bursa, Turkey 🇹🇷 ...

This somewhat affluent city concrete jungle has roots as far back as the 14th century in the spectacular Ottoman Empire. A closer peek at the city and you will see that tucked between the slick modern hand of cutting edge technology and infrastructure there are stunning examples of ancient Turkey, sprawling antique ruins, massive Turkish baths steamy and mysterious, mosques and an abundance of other fascinating tourist attractions. Here's a tourist's guide to Bursa.

1. Start in Cekirge

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When visitors arrive in the sprawling city, they will literally feel overwhelmed with what to first, as the gorgeous streets are just jam packed with sights and sounds that are almost an assault for the senses. But as many visitors will agree, the area of Cekirge is the best place to start. If Turkey conjures up images of hot steamy spa baths, rich with natural mineral waters and historic thermal pools, then this is the place that will bring those images perfectly to life. Being in such close proximity to other popular tourist cities like Istanbul, Bursa gets plenty of visitors who initially arrive to just spend the day roaming around the ancient town of Cekirge, and whom end up wanting to stay for a few days if not more.

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