7 a-List Bikini Boot Camps ...

If you can afford to really splash out, you might want to join the A-listers at some of the ritzy bikini boot camps around the world. Exclusive spa retreats, swanky resorts and the best service delivery are what’s on offer, together with the motivation to get that body bikini fit. The health retreat is a concept that continually grows in popularity so let’s take a peek into the world of celebrity fitness with these A-list bikini boot camps.

1. SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain

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Occupying a glorious setting on the fringes of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, with stunning views of mountains and the Mediterranean, SHA is considered to be among the best wellness clinics in Europe. For its bikini boot camps, it offers a blend of natural therapies and nutrition programs delivered with western techniques but heavy on the eastern wisdom. The program menu is full with rejuvenation, detox, weight loss, and anti-stress plans.


Famous fans of SHA include Simon Cowell, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Naomi Campbell.

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