8 Mystical Places ...

Sometimes you hear a place name and you close your eyes and you are there, all from the comforts of your armchair. The names are places of myth, fable, legend and reality and their stories are usually pretty well known. Here are 7 mystical places to whisk you away from the cares of everyday life. Grab a coffee, read on and be transported to a land far, far, away...

1. Troy

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Photo Credit: philipdowney

Ground zero for the Trojan War, Troy is in modern day north west Turkey. Visitors can wander around ruins of temples and the old city buildings and walls. You won’t find any hoof prints and unfortunately, girls, you wont be following in Brad Pitt’s sandalled foot steps as the film, Troy was filmed in Malta. Still if you close your eyes you can dream of men in skirts.

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