8 Great Road Trip Destinations ...

Long car rides aren’t the easiest thing in the world to endure, but if you choose the right destination all that idle time can turn out to be well worth it. The great road trip destinations on this list include both indoor and outdoor locations. There’s a little of something for everyone from theme park to cityscape to the great outdoors. So buckle up, crank the Creedence Clearwater Revival up, and let’s get trekking!

1. The Grand Canyon

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Photo Credit: bolognesi.marianna

This is one of America’s top attractions, and it is hands down the most beautiful ditch in the entire world. The Colorado River has been carving this mega canyon out for more years than it’s possible to count. If you have seen the pictures you know what to expect, but I’ll bet you $20 that once you park at your first lookout point, the size and beauty still catch you off guard.

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