7 Best Travel Apps for the IPhone ...


I use my iPhone for almost everything, far more than just making phone calls. There are apps on my iPhone that can do anything, from teaching me to play the pan flute, translating a menu, and booking a flight. I especially love travel apps, and have dozens of them on my iPhone. But there are a few that are my very favorites, and I’d love to share them with you! Here are the 7 best travel apps for the iPhone, or at least the ones I like best!

1. Time Shutter – San Francisco

Time Shutter – San Francisco

Price: FREE at itunes.apple.com

Explore San Francisco in both the present and the past with this amazing, super-cool app. The app is loaded with photos and information of hundreds of locales, allowing you to see what they looked like a hundred years ago, and compare that to how they look now. It’s so much fun, and so informative… a must-have for any history buff, or anyone who just loves the city. I can’t wait for the Detroit version!

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