10 Signs That You Need a Vacation ...


10 Signs That You Need a Vacation ...
10 Signs That You Need a Vacation ...

No matter what your season of life — teenager, young adult, young married, new mother or beginning empty-nester — we all have moments when, if going to an exotic destination were as easy as clicking our heels together 3 times, we would be in Fiji in a flash. Here are some tell-tell signs you need a vacation.

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Nothing Makes Sense

When no one around you makes sense anymore, and every voice becomes annoying like Charlie Brown’s mother (wha, wha, wha), it’s time for a vacation!


You Forget Names

When you start referring to your children in birth order rather than by name, it may be time for a vacation. For instance, if you find yourself giving orders like, “Number 1, 2, 3, 4 - I need you guys to clean your room,” make plans for a vacation. Quickly!


Your Husband is Driving You Crazy

When you start thinking your husband’s life insurance looks better than he does, it is time to take a long vacation.


You Dream of a Different Life

As a stay at home mother you begin to contemplate what your life could have been like if only for you had chosen to be a professional Hit Lady. It is a sure sign it’s time for a vacation.


You Consider Purposeful “Accidents”

When you are driving down the road and you see a tree; you ask yourself if you would get hurt by ramming the car into that tree. First you need counseling; then you need a vacation.


You Start Calling for Interventions

When a televangelist tells you to call a number for a miracle, you actually believe this time will be your big break. You do need a vacation. And put down the phone!


You Wish Bodily Harm on Others

When you daydream of the horrible things you would like to see happen to your boss, it may be time for a vacation.


You Long for a Time Machine

When you watch “Back to the Future” in hopes that you may be able to re-create the time traveling Delorean so as to avoid the life you now lead, it may be time to go on a vacation.


You Hope for Natural Disasters

When you live next to your in-laws and you pray for an earthquake to create an impassable giant canyon between you and them; take a vacation.


You Escape to the Bathroom

If your idea of the ideal vacation is a quiet bath, there is no doubt, sweetie, that it’s time for a vacation.

We all have moments in life when we feel overwhelmed and the only emotion we can muster is tears. All joking aside, stressful situations often lead us to desire a vacation away from our problems. When you feel the need to get away be sure to set aside some time for yourself, try to work through the stress. Remember, the sun is shining on the other side of the clouds. What is the best vacation you can imagine and who would you like to join you on your adventure?

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