8. Brooklyn Bridge

Wheelchair users can access Brooklyn Bridge from both the Manhattan and Brooklyn ends. You can join in with groups of pedestrians and cyclists who take the journey across this impressive landmark. Stopping to read the signs, admire the views and looking at the bridge’s construction, a crossing will take about an hour. Start in Manhattan and walk over to Brooklyn as that gives you the chance to pay a visit to the Fulton Street Market which is just a short distance from the Brooklyn entrance.

Other top New York attractions with wheelchair access include Coney Island, Yankee Stadium (522 disabled spaces), Battery Park, NY Stock Exchange, The Guggenheim Museum, The American Museum of Natural History and Madison Square Garden. Pier 17 Mall also makes the effort with many of the shops having ramps for access.

Just a couple of quick tips for those wanting to visit wheelchair friendly attractions in New York – 1, always ring beforehand to check the elevators are working, and 2, check your route to ensure there are suitable transport options to get you there. Also, check the website of the attraction to see what is accessible to you. It’s a shame to get there and find you can’t reach the bit you really want to see.

Top Image Source: edinchavez.com