5 Ways to Be Romantic in New York City ...


New York is a place that conjures up images of romance that we have all seen ten times over in the movies, you know the standard stuff cuddling up and watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Center and long chats over a cocktail in an intimate bar.

This is all very standard tourist stuff and not that romantic if you picture yourselves surrounded by other people going about their daily business.

So how do you have quality romantic time with your partner in a place where hundreds of other people are looking to have theirs?

Everyone who visits has their own secret New York.

It’s time to find yours…

1. Getting Lost

Leave the guide book in the hotel and find your perfect romantic spot by losing yourself in some of the quieter areas of the City (yes, there are some!) There is something of a romantic melancholy when you stumble upon an empty bar, hidden away far from the madding crowd or a quiet corner in Central Park with only the sound of your own footsteps along the pavement.2

It can sometimes feel like you are the only two people in the world.

Make your own discoveries and travel around on foot to find the secret places you can make your own.

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