9 Travel Tips on Packing Light...


The busy travel season is just around the corner and soon you'll be buying new outfits to take with you on your trips.

But not so fast, with high gas prices and airlines charging for bags you may want to learn how to pack light before you stock up on new clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Guest blogger Kati is back with us today to share her 9 Travel Tips on Packing Light, check them out before you go shopping for your big trip...

If I could, I'd take my whole bedroom and bathroom with me everywhere.

Call me fussy, high-maintenance, or materialistic, but I like my big collection of clothes, accessories, and toiletries.

I also love to travel.

That’s always required some thoughtful packing, but with high prices just to check one bag these days, I've had to get pretty clever at getting a week out of a carry-on bag.2

It can involve some tough calls and stressful moments, but it's also helped me to live more simply and relax.

1. Research the Weather...

This is obvious to a lot of folks, but it should be your first step.

In January, I went to the San Francisco Bay area, which requires layering pretty much year-round.

I looked up the forecast, checked with my friend I was visiting, and realized I’d need to bring both short-sleeved shirts and sweaters.

I’d have to bring a wider variety of items than if I was visiting a more stable or extreme climate- crucial information!

Consider Your Luggage...
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