11 Top American Monuments Everyone Should See ...

Some American monuments are iconic and instantly recognizable. Others are not so well known and some remain anonymous, especially outside of the States. Whether you live in the States or are visiting and want some interesting places to see, this list of American monuments should give you food for thought.

1. Statue of Liberty, NYC

Everybody has seen images of the Statue of Liberty in countless photos and movies. Of all the American monuments, this one is the most iconic. It’s instantly recognized by millions around the world. A symbol of freedom and democracy, it was gifted to the USA by France. In 1886, it was dedicated and in 1924, it became a national monument. It stands as a symbol of the freedom of the USA, especially to the immigrants, persecuted and refugees who came looking for a new home. In 1986, ‘Lady Liberty’ turned one hundred years old and millions of Americans and international tourists visit her every year in New York Harbor.