8 Tips on How to Travel Fashionably ...

Knowing how to travel fashionably can be a tricky thing to master. Whether you’re travelling for a weekend or for several weeks, knowing what to pack and what to wear can be pretty daunting for even the most seasoned traveller. Most #people agree, however, that keeping your travel wardrobe simple and functional is the key to travelling stylishly. Travel like a pro with these tips for how to travel fashionably.

1. Plan Ahead

One thing I’ve learnt over #time is to avoid throwing things into your suitcase or travel bag at the last minute. When it comes to how to travel fashionably, plan ahead and write a list of your wardrobe essentials. Research your travel destination to see the kinds of things that you definitely need and what you could do without. Take note of #things like the weather and any cultural or customary requirements.