7 Tips for Moving Back Home after Living Abroad ...


Moving back home after living abroad - or ‘re-entry’ as it’s called - can be a particularly daunting task, depending on how long you spent away, how much you feel you’ve changed, how often you’ve done it, and your age! Moving can be stressful at the best of times, but moving abroad is a particularly big move, as there are so many things going on, and on so many different levels! Perhaps you were studying abroad, working, or just enjoying yourself overseas, and now you need to return ‘home’ and re-enter your former society. Below are some tips that will help you make the necessary adjustments to moving back home after living abroad.

1. Plan Ahead

For some people, moving back home after living abroad will mean lots of planning ahead! Mentally prepare yourself for change, and expect that not only your feelings about home have changed but that other people, places, activities and lifestyles will have changed too. Failing to plan is usually why people experience difficulties. Take some time to really plan where you’d like to live when you return to your former society, plan your finances and bank accounts, plan for a new cell phone carrier. Maybe plan to move back when the weather is decent, or when you’re sure to have a good support system available.

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