8 Tips for Flying with a Baby ...


There are plenty of tips for flying with a baby that will make the experience easier.

Not only do you want to make it more comfortable for you and your baby, but other passengers will be grateful if your youngster isn’t wailing throughout the flight!

So if you are off on a trip soon, here are some tips for flying with a baby to help the flight go more smoothly …

1. Inform Airline

The first and most fundamental of my tips for flying with a baby is to inform the airline when you book.

Even if you are not booking a seat, and plan to hold your baby on your lap, he or she will still need a ticket.

You can also find out what facilities the airline offers and what will be available on board.

2. Passport

Bear in mind that even a tiny baby will need his or her own passport!

So plan ahead and make sure you allow plenty of time for the application to be processed and the passport to be delivered.

You don’t want any last-minute dashes to try to get a passport!

3. Feed during Takeoff

Takeoff can be the most uncomfortable stage for a baby, because of the sudden change in air pressure.

Obviously you can’t give them sweets to suck, like you would with an older child or adult!

So feeding your baby during takeoff is recommended.

4. Clean Clothes & Diapers

Make sure you pack enough diapers and wipes for the duration of the flight, and also extra to allow for delays.

And do be courteous to other passengers – changing facilities in the restroom may be cramped, but don’t change a diaper in the cabin!

Plus it’s wise to pack a change of clothing (or two) in case of accidents.

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