9 Surefire Ways to Ruin Your Vacation ...


Oh boy are there some surefire ways to ruin your vacation or what?

You’ve saved up all year for your special trip, you’ve been looking forward to it for what seems like an absolute age and then, just one mistake and your vacation of a lifetime becomes one you can’t wait to forget.2

Know the ways to ruin your vacation and avoid them!

1. Forgetting Your Passport

One of the most common ways to ruin a vacation is to leave the passports at home.2

Yes, some domestic flights don’t require a passport, but that’s not the point.

If you're flying abroad, you’ve already gotten to the airport you’re going to miss your flight and potentially miss your connection to your hotel.

Congratulations, you’ve already lost at least a day of quality vacation time!

2. Forgetting the Plane Tickets

Whilst forgetting your plane tickets won’t destroy your entire vacation, it can cost you quite a sizeable amount of money to have them printed at the airport.

If you want to stop this becoming one of your ways to spoil a vacation, print them off and pack them in your suitcase the night before departure.

3. The Holiday Rush

The holiday rush is where you arrive just in the nick of time.

It involves the mad dash through traffic and the desperate search for a parking space.

Sometimes you’ll get to your flight and sometimes you’ll miss it.

Learning time management skills shouldn’t be a priority whilst on your vacation.

It’s one of the most common ways to ruin a holiday, so if you must arrive three hours early do so.

4. Drinking Too Much

Save the heavy drinking until you actually reach your destination.

The departure lounge isn’t your local bar.

Limit your drinks tab to one or two, or better yet, none at all.

There have been countless stories of passengers spending a night in the drunk tank for abusing airport staff and other passengers whilst under the influence of alcohol, or even worse, your drunken antics could end up on a reality TV show!2

Arriving at your destination with a hangover is not smart - especially if it is combined with jet lag.

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