9 Stunning South American Beaches to Dream of Visiting ...

With a huge coastline stretching the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Caribbean Sea, there is a stunning array of South American beaches. From world famous names that conjure up images of bikini clad, bronzed beauties, to sandy eco-havens, the beaches of South America are an eclectic collection. For my recommendations I have stayed away from the most obvious to bring you interesting options right around the continent. Read on for some wonderful South American beaches.

1. Pehuén Có, Argentina

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If you like your South American beaches to be off the beaten track, underdeveloped with minimal facilities, the choice should be Pehuén Có. Unlike most of the beaches in Argentina, which have been developed for rich Argentines and tourists with swanky resorts and upmarket hotels, Pehuén Có is a beautiful, unspoiled stretch of sand with a forest backdrop and a small coastal community.

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