10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland ...


The Irish Republic and Northern Ireland make up the stunning Emerald Isle – some say there are 40 shades of green in Ireland.

On vacations in Ireland you’ll find gorgeous beaches, outstanding golf courses, fantastic cities and scenic routes during your journey.

Ireland is a beautiful country with a colorful (often harsh) history, rich heritage and proud culture.

It is home to some stunning locations and a welcoming people that make vacations in Ireland just perfect.2

If you need help with choosing a holiday destination, take a look at these 10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland for some inspiration.

1. County Wicklow

County Wicklow

Wicklow is a mountainous area that is perfect for vacations with the family pet.

County Wicklow is a popular vacation destination in Ireland because of its rolling countryside.

The Wicklow Mountains are rocky and ideal for avid rock climbers, or those who adore hiking and an active holiday.

It is situated on Ireland’s East Coast, the sunnier side of the country, where families can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

It’s a great place that caters for both active and peace-seeking vacationers.2

2. Cork


Cork is one of the popular destinations for vacations in Ireland, and is the Emerald Isle’s third largest city, behind Belfast and Dublin.

One of its best known attractions is the Blarney Castle where people go to kiss the Blarney Stone to acquire some of the famous Irish eloquence – aka the gift of the gab.

The Cobh Heritage Center, the place where the Titanic set sail, (once known as Queenstown) is also one of the popular visitor attractions in Ireland.

3. Donegal


Donegal in the North West is a top spot for family vacations in Ireland.

It has gorgeous beaches, rolling hills and a rugged landscape that could charm anyone into loving Ireland’s natural beauty.

There’s a serene and sedate pace to life here;

the ideal place to wind down and shrug off those cares and stresses.

Donegal is also home to plenty of golf courses.

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